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Gateway to Her Grace


Universal Mother- Christ Planetary Healing Activation

Christ Mass 2021



A Return to Origin Love, Origin Innocence,
and the Immortal beauty of Organic Life



Sister-soul, you're warmly invited join myself and the Essene family of Christed Love, to  to be bathed in Her omnipresent Love, restored and held in Her Source- Womb of Life 


This is a gateway of intimate healing, respite, deep inner prayer, soul companionship, and a re-turning towards the basic goodness and Grace-filled gentleness of the Mother- Christ tones of earthly and universal love.

This is a time to infuse our bodies with Her breath of Grace in all of life.



The Universal Mother- Christ does not belong to religion… Her omnipresent field of love-filled Grace cannot be contained by a statue, a single embodiment, or any building.


When Her Grace comes, it falls through us, it reigns through us and Mother Earth's planetary sphere,

Like soft rain falling upon the garden of our parched bodies and souls,

reminding us of who we truly are, and the gift of love we were born to be.


When Her living Grace breaks open within us, it showers the garden of our hearts, our womb, our souls with the pure goodness of Universal Love, the softest tones of Immortal Life, the ineffable beauty of Her healing song of the Love of life itself.




Sweet sister-soul, you are warmly invited to join this loving field for this impromptu planetary healing transmission of Grace...
you'll be held and carried through the holy-days, (Dec. 24-27).  
You'll receive...

*Daily email written transmissions (& any other spontaneous transmissions that come through)

*A Universal Mother Christ Grace-filled Journey of In Utero gestation & rebirth. A return to Origin Love,  Origin Innocence, and the immortal beauty of organic life’. audio  transmission for christ mass (sent on Christ Mass eve to download, partake of anytime)

*A field of loving Grace to be restored, healed, and tenderly re-birthed now and in the coming days.


Join us to be Bathed in Her Elemental Grace...



The audio healing Activation :
Essene Mother- Christ  
In Utero Healing and Anointing
in Her Womb- Sea of Galilee

Christ Mass eve transmission & journey
(approx 90 mins total)

A tender and uniquely special journey with the Universal Mother of Souls and Her planetary womb- sea of Galilee. 


In the oceanic heart of the Blessed Mother-Source of life, in the warmth of candles lit in hearth and Home, we’ll journey inwards, into the moment we first incarnated in this blessed planet this lifetime.  There we'll open ourselves to be gently loved in and tenderly re-membered into our Origin innocence & restored to the pure beauty and Immortal Soul of organic life.

On the sacred shores of Her womb-sea of Galilee, we will meet our Immortal Essene family of Christed love, and receive the anointing of the Immortal soul of life in our bodies when they were just forming. We 'll be healed in Mother Earth's healing holy waters of elemental life. We'll open to Her oceans and rivers of Grace as they touch, heal, and soften the deepest edges of our humanity.


When we allow Her tones of Grace to permeate, to percolate through the gateways of our beings, to percolate all the way into the time we were in utero, we are deeply, profoundly healed, our souls as well as our primal bodies bathed in the Love for all of Life.  When we receive her grace into our umbilicus, the potency of Her soft and tender universal, yet deeply intimate love cannot be denied… for it is real, it is sure, it is true, and it is needed for our human bodies and life to thrive.

To receive Her Source Love fully, is to heal our deepest most ancient pain. In turn we become Her Vessel, birthing Her holy oceans of compassion for the healing of all of life.

This in utero healing & anointing activation will continue the healing of our souls and bodies Home to the re-union of Her Love into our elemental forms for days to come

Open your womb gateways to receive  anointing from the Mother's holy waters of Life and be healed Home unto Her body of Love.

Sign up to receive this life-giving
activation journey...

*It will be sent to you as downloadable MP3s on Dec.24.
(approx. 90 minutes) downloadble for your continued re-visiting 


 This activations are being offered by contribution. 

Your contribution supports me to continue my 24/7
planetary healing work for the sake of Mother Earth and the soul of life. 

Please choose the amount that feels life-giving to you:

Contribute $11 or $22 or $33

*Sister, no one will be turned away from this sacred journey due to lack of funds.  You're heart and soul Presence are the greatest contribution to life.

Join us to be held in the Grace of the Mother

If you have questions or need 

assistance with registering:

*** Please allow a few hours for processing...our automated system is down. we are having to manually process this time around... if you don't hear from us, please contact me here.

Anointed Ones-rose gold.jpg

Long before religion began,
ancient mystic feminine souls quietly walked
the healing path of the Universal Mother Christ, attuning our bodies under the sands of time to bathe in the tones of Her Eternal...

In secret caves, caverns, and forest cathedrals in Mother Earth's body,
initiates would immerse ourselves in a potently tender and heartfelt process of re-union

... to be grace-fully healed Home unto Oneness with Her Source of Love that is the essence of life.

And in this Way, in the Ways long forgotten,

our hearts lifted by the tones from Her Divine Heart 

our souls immersed in Her womb- seas of love,

our cells infused in Her pure cosmic breath

we were anointed, we were blessed 

as Her healing Grace resounds through all of life.

Our hearts rising unto Her Divine Heart, our wombs unto Her Cosmic & Earthly Wombs,  
we'd be blessed to enter the rapture and become living vessels
for Her healing oceans rivers of universal love to flow throughout all of creation.

Our Universal Mother- Christ activation journeys are a continuance of those ancient Ways.

I hope you will join us....

Blessed Mother Chalice Well.jpg

In all of the realms,
In all of the dimensions,
In all that lives & moves through this wondrous creation,
there is nothing- nothing that compares to the exquisite beauty 
of when the human soul awakens to her own capacity to love.
It's that love that heals the living temple of the heart
Makes it holy, makes it bright, makes it pure.
That love dissolves all guilt, all shame
alchemizes the pain and suffering, the ache of human life,
and turns it into an act of artistic majesty and ineffable grace.
That love brings the soul back home to Her Eternal Self, 
to birth Her own light, Her own song into life.
This is the gift of love that is the Mother Divine

within ourselves and all of Life.

Blessings be in your awakening unto Her.


What if I have had a hysterectomy?

 Even if you have had your physical uterous removed, the energy field of your womb always remains.  With this journey, you will begin to awaken to the exalted state of that energy field, while receiving energy and insights to healing emotional trauma that may be left from the surgery.


When will I receive the activations?

The downloadable activation journey will be sent to you on 24th.  After you register, you will automatically be held in the Womb of Life field for this journey, and you can listen when you are ready.

How much time will it take me?

As with any new opening in consciousness and energy, the more you engage with it, the more you will get out of it.  With this journey, you are encouraged to go at the pace that works for your life.  You will be supported by the Womb of Life field and Mother Gaia throughout the journey, regardless of where you are in the activations.


What kind of healing will I experience?

Great Mother Healing is a powerful form of energetic and spiritual healing, and not meant to replace traditional medicine or psychiatric care.  The divine energies that stream through these activations are strong and designed to provide the spiritual foundation for soul healing to happen.  This Initiation journey is not a course in trauma healing, however if you go in with deep receptivity, it is very probable that many hidden layers of heart and soul wounds will be healed. 
Either way, your soul will be supported and uplifted into the next stage of your evolution. 

If you have any other questions or concerns about participating, please feel free to contact me at:

Who is Maleda?

heart of Gaia_edited.jpg

 Maleda is a gifted Evolutionary Healer, Feminine Mystic and Midwife of the Soul. She has practiced and taught in the field of feminine awakening for over 17 years, including intensive training in women’s yoga and Indian Temple Dance and as a lead teacher in a monastic ashram community.  

In 2012 during an extended deep retreat, she experienced a life-changing spiritual awakening to Great Mother Consciousness through the field of her womb and was shown the processes that have become the evolutionary work of Womb Matrix Healing today.

A healer of healers and pioneer of consciousness, Maleda’s powerful transmissions and healing pathways delve right through to the core of who you are, guiding you through a profound remembrance and reclamation of your soul’s eternal Truth and your natural divine design as a feminine being. What is awakened is a feminine template for true and deep spiritual realization, moving through the spiral of soul healing into a direct experience of omnipresent Divine Mother Consciousness through the natural gateway of our wombs.  

Maleda founded Breath of Life Yoga in 2007, Womb Matrix Healing in 2013, and the Womb of Life School in 2017. She offers global healing transmissions & activations, deep healing journeys, and teacher & practitioner trainings.

Praise for this Evolutionary field:

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..!!  I thank your precious soul for taking us on such a deep and nourishing journey.  I am still in this quiet deep womb place of the Divine Mother and my whole being is glowing and recognizing the home coming of these travels.  My heart is beaming with love and I am so grateful for this deepening of my relation with Mama Earth- not even a relation anymore but being one with Her .  Thank you for helping me enter these realms..."   -Maja, Netherlands


"Thank you Maleda for the beautiful journey of the last 7 days. I cannot put in words how profound and life changing it has been for me.   So much love and deepest gratitude from my heart to yours.  You are such a blessing to us all and to our beloved planet."  -Joan,  Cork Ireland


"During my Soul Awakening session with Maleda I had the profound experience of effortlessly opening into the depths of my Feminine  Consciousness, which felt like a vast pulsating presence, incredibly open..receptive..peaceful.

In this space I was aware that all these ideas that I held around the Divine Feminine were just that, mental constructs and ideas.  To finally land in Her and rest in Her Immensity was such a blessing, to know that She is always waiting for my return.. this is the healing I took birth for. "   
-Dilara   Perth, Australia


"I am in my 13th year of doing business as Megan McGeowin, Mystic & Mentor.  Through Womb Matrix Healing, I have accepted the invitation and opened myself to receiving a long awaited gift of being my authentic self as an expression of Divine Feminine Energy.  In being my Divine Feminine Self, I am experiencing in my life what has always been there for me. I am feeling nourished, nurtured, unconditionally loved and supported. I am experiencing myself as one with the consciousness of Mother Earth and the Cosmos itself. "  
-Megan Mcgeowin,  Mystic & Mentor, Seattle, Wa


"I’ve traveled a path of spiritual opening, healing and transformative work for over 30 years.  Before my soul journey work with Maleda began, I was still operating from invisible, deep-seated fears, beliefs and experiences I could not identify, or understand.  Through her facilitation and grace, we got to the heart of my matter.  I am forever grateful and deeply changed.  Maleda is living and Being all that she is revealing.  A gifted, wise and luminous teacher.  A now dear and trusted friend.  I highly recommend this experience for women who are ready to dive deep".
- Ally Baker, Thrive Integrated Health, Executive Director


"For the last 15yrs I have been doing a lot of different personal development and spiritual work for myself...Since reconnecting with Maleda and doing personal Womb Matrix Healing sessions with her - I know deep within that I have found what that desire was looking for - this work is so deep and profound - helping me to listen deeply within myself - to my own truth and to have the courage to live and learn to live from this truth every day. I can't recommend this work highly enough if you feel called to do so. It is truly amazing and beautiful! Thank you Maleda. " 
- Anonymous Healer,  Ireland


"The 1st time I heard Maleda talk about her work on a call, I knew she was connected. I didn't know to what, but it was a palpable feeling that I had to follow. After an initial series, I realized I found a gem of a wise woman.  She patiently took me through my womb matrix and illuminated spaces within I simply could not access without a powerful guide.  Through her, I was able to navigate and access confusing and scary terrain within, and come out with much more power, respect, and trust in this great matrix. I trust her.  I know she knows timeless truths that have helped me have greater faith and trust in my own body - my own knowing and in this great source of life that always provides."
- Katrina B.  New York, NY


"Maleda was the gate keeper, opening the doors for me to step into the Immensity of my being. She taught me how to be fully present with in myself and with that comes incredible strength, grace, and unlimited possibility.  The best piece of working with Maleda, is that now I am ready and able to serve and inspire other women who are searching for their own feminine awakening."    - KT Lapp, West Chester, Pa


“Through this work, I feel like I have discovered the basic building blocks of life.  It has fundamentally shifted my perspective and field of possibility.  I can now move into my future with certainty, excitement, and ease.”   - Kathleen Haas, Nurse, Crestone, Co



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