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​About Healing with the Great Mother



She's whispering to you..
come… come Home to Me.

Let go of your mantras, your rituals, your invocations
and simply free-fall into my breath and body of existence.

The road has been so very long, dear soul,

and now it’s time to come Home.

Are you ready to take the bare naked walk into Truth?
Let me bare your heart to the world.

Are you ready to know who you really are?
Surrender open your holy body to mine.


Fall back into My waters of life, rest in My oceans of Love,
bathe in My healing tones in all of creation.

Relax open the secret doorways in your feminine body,  
and let My Eternal paradise awaken within you.

I await with an embrace as wide as the cosmos, 
as deep as your womb,
as profoundly natural as the beating of your precious heart.

It’s time to come home now, dear love,
and become a sacred vessel for the healing of life.


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Alchemical Healing with the Great Mother of Life

...occurs when we open our body, heart, womb, and soul to the transmission of Mother Earth’s planetary omnipresent Love. We awaken Her force within us to heal all that has been separated, shattered, and broken through the ages of feminine trauma and programming.  We awaken Her Love within us as a force of alchemical coherence, bringing together all that has been strewn apart on a personal and collective scale.

When we allow Her to take us

into Her Eternal heart, 
Her omnipotent Womb of Life,

and Her living Soul of organic Creation...

Layer by Layer,
into the deepest recesses of our elemental bodies, 
The Mother lovingly yet ferociously
reclaims all that has been lost

in Hers & our body and soul of life for eons of time.

Awakening the full potency 
of Her Love and Consciousness in our matter,
She releases all that has been unnaturally bound in our DNA 
through the travesties of colonization.
Dismantling the synthetic structures
Her force of Nature then
becomes a resounding tone within us…
ringing the deep bells of organic re-membrance
in every cell and atom of our feminine body and being.

Her clarion call then resounds through our heart
touching the depths of our primal soul
activating Her purity of life and elemental love
bringing elemental harmony where it has been lost
and restoring the basic goodness of primal life.

Only then, through our own willing process of allowing 
Her tones of healing Love to come awake and alive within us, 
can we fully re-member how Her living force,
Her living Love is the foundation of all life
on earth and in this universe...

And only then can we truly realize 
how this very same Love
has the power to heal all of creation.

In these unprecedented times,

our main calling is to receive the fullness of 
Her elemental healing Grace
by continuously steeping

in the alchemical cauldron of Her Love
through our own breath and
the living sanctuaries of Her Wild Heart of life.



Who is the Great Mother?

The Great Mothers' Omnipresent  Consciousness:


The Great Mother is the omni-Presence of Love, consciousness, being and embodiment in the Natural Uni-verse.  She is beyond mantra, beyond invocation, ritual, and beyond anything we can grasp with our intellect.  

She is formless omnipresent beingness and yet encompasses all organic form.  She contains every aspect of the Goddess, of the Divine Mother, what we call the masculine and the feminine, the goal of all traditions, all religions within Her.  

She is the unknowable, the unfathomable farthest reaches of All that Is, all that ever has been, and all that ever will be…. And yet contains everything within Her.  

She is the body of organic creation itself.  The full spectrum of natural existence.


And although She contains all of the activity of life within Her, when we truly awaken to Her we land in the inner space of profound, ineffable peace.  Her divine dark is where we rest, where all the colors bleed into One, and all that was divided before comes back together.  

She is the deepest of the deep, the widest of the wide.


She is accessed in our communion with Her Nature... the depths of our silence and Solitude, in the deepest reaches of our primordial womb consciousness, in our resting into Self.  There we discover the unfathomable Immensity of our beingness, and the place where we realize not only we live within a co-created universe of unfathomable beauty and immensity, but that same universe lives within us... down to the deepest elements of organic matter of our feminine body-field.

The Great Mother will gradually have you realize the innermost workings of the universe, all that has occurred here on Earth through eons of time, and the deepest journeys of your own soul.  

Because to realize you are all the natural world, you must realize all that She encompasses.


She is the demander of an uncontrived spirituality, the dissolver of contrivance, for the only way to truly realize these unfathomable depths is to realize the depths of what already lives inside of you.  To feel and resolve all that has occurred for you through of eons of human lifetimes… all the things you want to feel and see and the things you would rather not.


And only in that non-contrived state of willing deepest of the deep presence, does that kind of deep-dive into Truth become available on a consistent, ever-evolving basis.

She will always ask you… and what are you really feeling right now?  

Can you sit in presence with that feeling long enough to allow it to take you deep into finding out what is living inside of you... for better or for worse?  

Because it is always ultimately better, eternally more life-giving to find out where we are right now, instead of engaging in the never ending spiritual treadmill of getting to where we want to be.


In the path of the Great Mother, you’ll enter into the deepest embodiment of all you have lived so far… and bring them down to the bare truth inside of you.

She is the bare naked walk into Truth. 

She will bare you.


The Great Mother's Omnipresent Love:


Because She is literally everything in the universe, if we are to realize Her, we are here to realize it all… all we have ever been and all we ever will be.  To realize timelessness while living with time, the formless and the form, all of the realms and dimensions of existence.

And above all, to realize that Love is the most powerful and coherent omni-presence in the universe.  She will have us realize and embody the eternal Truth that to live without the Mother of life is to live without Love.  


We can awaken to certain states of Oneness...  but if that realization does not awaken deep, profound, and all encompassing Love within us, then we have not realized the Great Mother.  For the Mother perceives every living being in the universe as Her divine child, her beloved soul, her most cherished One… the One She has birthed from Her very own Source Womb.  


And in that Love, she will give all it takes to remind us that we are loved, we are whole, we are One with all of life.  She will do all it takes to bring us back Home unto Her wholeness... Her universal body of Love.  Her Love is so full, so all-encompassing that Her fundamental movement in the universe is to ecstatically birth the soul of Love itself from Her womb, and allow that Love to emerge into all living forms, only to dissolve back unto Her formless love, moment by moment breath by breath.

She is the blossoming emergence and dissolution of life itself.


When Her movement of awakening to omnipresent Love happens within us, the force of Her awakening is so strong, so powerful, that She begins to press through all of the layers of our soul experience that have forgotten we are loved to help us heal ourselves Home, to re-member our soul's living song in all of existence.  

It is then our path with Her truly begins.


She so very lovingly, so very gently, so caringly holds our souls close to Her Heart, because she has birthed our souls from Her very own womb, Her universal Source Womb of Love.  

She cares for that soul, cultivates that soul, breathes life into that soul with Her divine breath.  

She is the breath of life itself.  

In the Great Mother's universal Love, we realize the very core of existence, and therefore realize the core of who we are…

At One, at Home in Her, and within all of life.


Blessings be on Her awakening within you.

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