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Initiation into the Mysteries of the Divine Womb
The Essene Mother Christ Transmissions
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I am overjoyed to present this 90 page

beauty-filled illustrated e-book, created with the deep soul journeys from my  Mother Christ Transmissions.  This magnificent work of art has been over 2,000 years in the making and is a labour of love, birthed from lifetimes of being embodied as a healer, initiate, and mystic in the sacred walk of the devoted Feminine Christ tones of the Great Mother...

Dripping with Divine Beauty, it reads like a soul-drenching lullaby of the Blessed Mother's Love,
while awakening ancient cellular memories and deeply mystical transformation
of your womb and heart.  


*The e-book now includes 2 downloadable audio initiation journeys (40 mins each).  
Be carried through the deeply mystical experience of Light conception and Ecstatic Birthing 
with the Grace of the Divine Mother in the womb-caves of Mother Earth.

 Make yourself a warm cup of tea, put your feet up by the hearth and take a mystical sojourn into the secret Essene Feminine Initiate caves.  Prepare yourself to receive esoteric teachings and initiations into the mysteries of Light conception, ecstatic birthing and the embodiment your own Immortal Soul.

In my endless gratitude to you and the Mother of Life,



The e-book will be sent to your inbox shortly after you order. 
You can view a gorgeous version on flipbook
and/or a downloadable printable PDF for an evening bedside read.

With 2 downloadable audio initiation journeys into the Essene Caves.
The transmissions will serve you endlessly, read it again and again.

Updated release Christ Mass special rate:

Full price will normally be $27.00

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Flower of Life.png

with any questions or difficulties ordering


Here's a glimpse inside...

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May this book serve you endlessly in the continued remembrance of your sacred walk Home unto Her. May She ignite freely within your heart of hearts and soul of souls, birthing your song of Love into existence.
And may your Love spill forward as a blessing to all of life.

Deep bow to you, sister-soul, we walk the path home together.

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