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Ongoing self-study experience

Transmitted from
from Mount Shasta, Ca

for Feminine Guides

and women who want
to heal the world


 Feminine Mystic, Midwife of the Soul, Mentor for Healers

Mother- Christ Consciousness is not about religion...

 She is a mystical state of being,
a rapture of omnipresent Love, beauty-filled light and potent healing grace.

Her heart brings in the rose-gold tones of healing Love straight from the Source-womb of Life, and births this healing love through her womb into the deep soils of Mother Gaia. 
In doing so, she plays a vital role as a vessel in Gaia's planetary rebirth.

Those of us who have the template to realize Her in this lifetime are here

to birth and transmit Her song of healing love through all of existence.

We birth that which we are becoming...

Since time immemorial, 
feminine spiritual initiates and indigenous medicine women have known our
hearts & wombs to be natural conduits for the Mother's omnipresent healing Love.

Through accessing Her Source- womb, we practiced the mystic soul medicine of resurrection, the alchemical act of bringing back alive a current of life energy that has has died away. We accessed the power to heal life straight from the Source-Love of the Great Mother.  Many feminine mystics and healers hold the blueprints from these ancient rites in our heart & womb matrices, waiting for the right time to be awakened. 

That time is now...

During the gateways of Easter, the planetary energies of resurrection are at their peak,
and Mother Gaia is calling us to bring to life the seeds we planted long ago; 
to resurrect our divine hearts and open ourselves as conduits of Her Love for of all of life.

Journey with us to awaken Her power to heal through Love within you...


My story of Great Mother awakening

Join us on this powerful evolutionary journey to resurrect your divine heart …

  • Heal in your heart spiritual wounds from this and
    past incarnations while resurrecting your original divine heart blueprint.

  • Open your gateways to re-establish your heart and womb connection with the Source-Womb of Life. 

  • Allow the Great Mother to bring back alive your true heart-song & your divine potential as a vessel for Her omnipresent healing Love to spread through all of life.

  • Rest in a deeper, more supported relationship with Mother Gaia & 
    your soul's universal family of Love than you have ever known.

Sister-soul, all the inner work you have done for lifetimes has led you to this evolutionary choice:

The Great Mother works with the Source Womb of Life
to heal the heart of the human soul with
Her all-powerful substance of golden Love. 

For eons, the heart of the feminine has been broken, 

closing our inner gateways to Her Source womb 

and separating us from this deepest power of love
that we are. 
As evolutionary womb-en,
when our hearts begin to heal these spiritual wounds, 
our souls enter once again
into the Mother's heart of life. 

Rising from the ashes, our hearts become exalted.

We re-member, birth, and embody 

our Soul's Eternal love-song. 

We access the part of ourselves that is Immortal, 

and become a vessel of Her healing Grace to reign

through all of creation.

Join us to open your gateways once again...

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..!!
I thank your precious soul for taking us on such a deep and nourishing journey.  I am still in this quiet deep womb place of the Divine Mother and my whole being is glowing and recognizing the home coming of these travels.  My heart is beaming with love and I am so grateful for this deepening of my relation with Mama Earth- not even a relation anymore but being one with Her .  Thank you for helping me enter these realm

-Maja, Netherlands

The Essene Feminine Christ Mysteries


The Essenes were a mystical, earth- based community of powerful master healers that flourished from about 300 BC-  100 AD.   Their practices were of the highest order, drawn from the innermost knowledge of ancient traditions of Immortal Soul realization & embodiment.  

It was in their community that Yeshua, Mother Mary, the Magdalene and many other souls cultivated their human vessels for their roles in birthing embodied Christ energies on earth.


The Essene Mother- Christ mysteries were focused

on the birthing of embodied Love in the collective field of humanity.  

They were steeped in the Gnosis of the Womb of the Great Mother,  and worked deeply with Mother Gaia to embed these blueprints into the DNA of the wombs of women.   It was known that from the potent substance of Love from Her Source-Womb that humanity's hearts and souls can truly be healed and new consciousness of Oneness birthed for all.

In this journey, we will be guided into direct experience of the Source power of the Essene Mother- Christ mysteries of healing, resurrection and rebirth to activate these Divine heart-womb blueprints within ourselves and all life here on our beloved planet.


What is an activation?


Activations act like a tuning fork to stimulate latent or dormant divine capacities in your innermost being.  
This happens on the level of consciousness, soul, and energy- the sources of what shape your 3-d world. 

They meet you wherever you are, allowing the unfolding to happen organically over time. 

All Womb of Life School activations call in your soul's conscious participation and are designed to open gateways to Gnosis for your awakening to be self-referenced and resourced from your own Divine Nature.

It's like a training field for your soul. 





 Return to the Heart of the Great Mother:
healing journey with the
Essene Mother of Love

Allow the Mystic Essene Christ Mothers to

guide you through healing your high heart & opening your internal gateways to the Great Mother's Eternal Source of Omnipresent Love. 

Restore faith in your soul's sovereign power
of Love to heal life. 

Healing Soul Journey with the Masculine Chirst energies:

Take a deeply loving & powerful journey with Yeshua and the Christed Masters of Melchizidek to heal ancient patriarchal wounds of the heart and restore supportive,

co-creative relationship with the divine masculine.



Journey into Mu with 
 Ancient Whale Mothers: 

Take a beauty-filled journey into the ancient seas of Lemuria, when the heart-womb of the Mother permeated the planet.  Discover the ancient, cosmic origins of Gaia's Mother- Christ Love.  Allow the whales to awaken in your heart the unstruck sound of deep oceanic compassion for the soul of life.


How will our journey flow?


This life-changing experience takes place through these 7 downloadable transmissions (approx 60-90 mins). 
You will be gestated in a nourishing energetic field with the Divine Mother's Heart- Womb throughout.   
You are invited to move through the activations at your own pace. 
Each one will serve your path in untold ways again and again over time.



Enter Mother Gaia's Healing
Heart- Womb Waters:

Pilgrimage into Sea of Gaililee

This sacred body of water transmits the potent healing power of Gaia's Heart- Womb. It is here that the Essene initiates purified and opened their gateways to the immense power of the Mother to heal.   Be bathed and renewed in the loving, healing

womb-sea of the Mother of Life.