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Great Mother Healing

with Maleda

Finding healing, refuge, and awakened love
in Her Era of planetary change...

'When mystic women live the Truth that our healing is integral to the healing of Mother Earth, we open to the magnitude of our spiritual potential.  Never has it been more vital for those of us who deeply love Her Nature to hear Her call, turn inwards, and do what it takes to enjoin with Her planetary metamorphosis.

I'll meet you here, on the sacred thresholds where your womb, heart, and soul meet the Mother's elemental breath of life, and Her majesty of omnipresent Love unfolds within you.'   Maleda


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Intro to Great Mother Healing & Womb of Gaia breath practice

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Welcome, dear sister- soul... in tens of thousands of hours of planetary healing work with women and Mother Earth, I continuously find that in our wombs and body-fields lies the secret keys to the healing of all of life on this beloved planet.  Due to eons of feminine trauma and programming, our natural healing capacities have been thwarted beyond measure. Mother Earth is calling us to Her now, to restore our original organic design & awaken our soul's sacred purpose for being alive during these times.

 In this Womb of Life field you're invited to journey deep... deeper than you ever have, opening within you Mother Earth's evolutionary frontiers of feminine healing.

In our Great Mother Planetary Healing Activations 
and Self-healing Courses you will ...


  • Be held in the existential Love of the Natural World, while transmuting ancient feminine wounds into evolutionary growth

  • Heal ancestral pain & awaken metaphysical sovereignty 

  • Learn tried and true Self-healing methods for your womb, heart, and soul

  • Awaken your innate healing capacities

  • Cultivate inner clarity, stability, & awake primal discernment  

  • Learn from raw, uncensored metaphysical Truth how to decipher and de-program yourself from the energetic underpinnings of human colonization  

  • Discover the Great Mother's Source healing realms of the primordial Womb of Life

  • Restore open your womb and internal gateways to be an effective vessel in Mother Earth's planetary healing process.

Mother Earth's blossoming immensity of Love, and the organic transmutation of Her life.. the Mothers Life on Earth awaits you.

As with all things Great Mother, we begin in the womb....

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Begin today with our current offering.....

 Primordial Mother
Ancient Womb Origins

Restoring the deepest seat of your womb
to Mother Earth's origin sound of Love


Planetary Healing Activation

Self-study Practice Workshop

A woman's greatest awakening lies 
in the unseen primordial realms.
How she gets there is through her own womb.

Awaken to the healing Love of Mother Earth now.  Explore our workshops and trainings... click here.

'To open to the healing force of Mother Earth now, is to immerse in a love-filled momentum of planetary alchemy that has been waiting to unfold for12,500 years.  To  consciously receive Her omnipotent Love deep into our beings, is to experience all that will come in the most grace- filled, gentle, and life-giving Way.

To enter into this movement with humility, deep love, and a willingness to change

is the key to our liberation and fulfillment of lifetimes, the Great Mother Way.'


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