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Gnosis Transmission

De-programming from Patriarchal Colonization & capitalism: The Raw Truth for Western Mystic Women

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Great Mother Planetary Restoration:
The Global Impact of Healing the Witch Wound

Full Interview for the Healing the Witch Wound Global Summit with Elmear Stassin..

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Primordial Womb Awakening

Gnosis Transmission

Worldwide Fires
and Great Mother Elemental Yin Healing

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personal & planetary healing activation 


Womb Meditation

Being Nourished by the Womb of Mother Earth...
Sisters, our wombs are inherently connected to the living womb of mother earth. By diving deep within ourselves, we can actively receive the immense nourishment She provides the entire planet from Her molten core in each moment.

Click here to dive in with a 33-day Primordial Womb foundational journey

Tree of Life Planetary Immune System
healing activation:


The ancient trees are here to help us in these days… as we re-attune our immune systems to Mother Earth’s planetary immune system  embodied by these ancient and eternal trees. In the innermost realms of Mother Earth's body of life they are helping to bring back alive the dormant yin elementals in Her immune system.  
They are here to help us to restore our body's connection to Hers.

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