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Womb of Life School presents...

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Love    Gnosis

Enter the Path of the Great Mother Initiate

          Past Life Self- healing, Mentoring, & Divine Initiation

6 - 8 month small group advanced self-healing immersion for the Evolutionary Woman
begins in January



Ignite Great Mother Healing presence within you


As the World Mother awakens within us and in all of life,

She calls on the depths of our soul to arise and heal our ancient pain. 

In Her movement of immense love, 
She pours through our souls Her oceanic compassion for all living beings.

To recieve that alchemical compassion is the greatest gift of life,

for what we take in deeply is what we become.

By becoming the Divine Mother for ourselves, we become the Divine Mother for the world.

Listen to my story of Great Mother Past Life Healing:

Essential Healing for Great Mother Realization...

When we truly wish to embody the magnificence of omnipresent love that is our divine nature,
we must learn to access & heal the ancient wounds of our feminine soul. 

No matter how much we love the Divine, no matter what kind of spiritual practice we are in,

until and unless these past life imprints are healed at their source, our path of realization will be constantly stalled with patterns arising from unresolved soul traumas & hidden programming.

Buried deep in our karmic matrix and in the cellular memories of our bodies, they create actual energetic barriers between us, Mother Gaia, and our omnipresent Divine nature.

Great Mother Past life healing is the heroine’s journey, a deeply mystical sojourn into reclamation of your feminine soul’s true divine design, the realization of soul immortality, and awakened Love

With each past life imprint we heal, our natural gateways re-open, and we are catapulted into greater and greater states of Great Mother consciousness, universal knowing (Gnosis), and alchemical Love.  We reclaim and restore the mystical power and spiritual development we have cultivated through lifetimes as feminine initiates, mystics, seers, healers, and midwifes.
We discover how our soul's Herstory is intimately connected to Gaia's Herstory since the Great Fall.... and how healing our soul creates healing for Her planetary field and for all of life.  We become a living gateway to the Womb of Life and learn through our own process how to help other souls be re-turned Home unto the Mother. 


All that may have been conceptual before becomes deeply true and lived, and we enter into a place of purpose and power unprecedented in our spiritual journey thus far.
Our Soul Presence roots evermore into the temple of our bodies and our capacity to transmit 
Her Love expands exponentially.  Our true divine purpose during these times of planetary completion is revealed.

But it gets ever better than that...

Over time, we re-discover our divine origins, our soul family, our rightful place in the universe.  With continued work, we can release ourselves fully from the wheel of karma.    We rest in the knowing that each moment of our lives is guided by the Great Mother within us.

And we become Her living vessels for the healing of all of life.

Sister all the inner work you have done has prepared you to make this game-changing evolutionary Choice:

  • Experience the states of Great Mother Love and soul embodiment you've always yearned for.

  • Open your veils and inner gateways to Gnosis (universal knowledge) through the direct experience of your own soul's incarnational experiences.

  • Discover first-hand the inherent connection between your soul and Gaia's Herstory.

  • Open to becoming a living Womb of Life gateway for the healing of the soul of life during these crucial times.

  • Learn the skills & practices to heal your past lives at the core imprint level, while entering into ever greater states of embodied wholeness and healing Love.

  • Harness your ancient soul's latent spiritual capacities developed over the aeons, and bring them forward to serve your life purpose today.

  • Feel more supported and rooted in your spiritual awakening than ever before. 

  • Awaken timelessness while embodying powerfully grounded Soul Presence.

  • Land in ultimate trust & ecstatic belonging in Self, Soul, and the the Mother of Life.

  • Become a powerful conduit for the Great Mother's Love and Healing Presence to serve all of life.

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'Love & Gnosis has unlocked a deep realm within. For one who was born to commune with the Ascended Masters, Angels and Elements, Maleda's teachings have opened doorways for me to Gaia, our beloved Mother Earth, allowing a groundedness, a pathway clearing, a confirmation that the time is Here, the time is Now.  I openheartedly recommend these studies. They are deep, Soulful, sometimes painful yet always unfolding, unlocking deeply held remembrances. The Sanctuary created and held within this field as the teachings unfold is precious. Delve in, the rewards are great.' - Tricia, Ireland


'My experience of Love & Gnosis was profoundly life altering. Maleda held and wove a potent container of Divine Love and magic. Her incredible generosity, love, guidance, support, stamina, gnosis and trust-worthiness truly moved and melted mountains. Guiding us out of very old prisons...holding our hands as we freed ourselves from chains and expelled our demons... and all the time overflowing The Great Mother’s love and Presence with kindness and often a smile on her face. 

It really clicked in how interconnected we all are throughout many incarnations. When we have the courage to heal our individual traumas, it ripples out and affects all of life. The magnitude of it all is simply beyond words. 

To any woman considering this, I strongly recommend to lay it all down and drink deep of the potency of Divine Grace available in a container held with such  Great Mother Love.'  - Trish, Alaska

The Spiral Path of the Great Mother Initiate

The Mother of Life in these times of planetary crises is not interested in perpetuating old spiritual concepts... She is interested in the healing of life, plain and simple.  Her force of healing intelligence will systematically open us into experiencing the achingly beautiful majesty of Her omnipresent Love and then buried layers of deep existential pain.  The fierceness of Her Love will demand that we drop outdated ways of perceiving reality, and resist the temptation to turn to old transcendent spiritual ways to soothe our discomfort in the collective crises we are obviously in. 


She instead guides us to lean into, to dive into the discomfort and discover without preconception what truly lies at the bottom of it. And for most souls alive at this time, the programming that lies there goes, way, way deeper than we imagine. Yet by moving through the healing of our own soul's incarnations, we discover the power to help heal the soul of life on our planet.


This is the path of the Great Mother Initiate, she who is willing to consciously pull back the veils for the sake of the healing of life. She who awakens to all- encompassing Love while removing destructive forces. She who is willing to do what it takes to heal over and over again, until She is brought into the deepest gnosis of Self, of Soul, and of the Mother- force in all of creation.

Why heal your past lives?

In short, due to unresolved soul trauma, programming, and thwarted access to our universal knowledge (Gnosis), we still live from a very limited portion of our spiritual capacities. 


Karmic imprints show up in myriads of ways for evolutionary women who are here to serve the healing of humanity and Mother Gaia's planetary body.  Here's just a few:

  • Repeating patterns you can't find the source of... even through you've done lot of inner work.

  • Underlying feelings of lack, betrayal, violation, or persecution.

  • Fears it is not safe or acceptable to express your full mystical gifts and spiritual power in the world,  even if you are already a guide.

  • Inability to access the magnitude of Love that you know lives inside of you.

  • A veil of separation between you and the Great Mother, even though you are deeply devoted to Her awakening.

  • Feelings of limitation, even through you know your are limitless.

  • Feeling like you know you are here to do spiritual work that makes a real difference in these times of planetary crises ... yet you haven't you've touched on that yet- even despite amazing accomplishments.

  • Underlying patterns of self-doubt, hesitation or lack of trust in the wisdom and power of your own soul. 

'I don’t know if words can ever adequately describe how much my life has changed and I have healed through this work. Previous to meeting Maleda I had been on medication and in psychotherapy for many years. I was disempowered, didn’t know what I wanted or needed, and had no voice. The Love & Gnosis course opened up many past lives and many wounds to be healed. 

 I had always been waiting for someone to come along who would heal me or be able to figure out what was wrong with me. What I found out is that there is nothing wrong with me AND no one can heal me but me, my very own soul...and Maleda’s offering gave me the tools and a very safe, supportive and loving environment to do so.  I walk into a future that is bright with hope, knowing who I am and why I am here.  I am ever grateful beyond words to Maleda and the Womb of Life field. In being willing to open up and look deeply. 
I found my true Self and Eternal Love that no one can ever take away.' - Maura, USA



How do we consciously
heal our past lives?

When we work with the Great Mother, we develop the capacity to awaken to and integrate the deepest recesses of our soul.  Journeying into Her Primordial Womb of Life, we access our Eternal Soul. This part of our soul never incarnates, yet holds the Master Key to all the lifetimes we have ever lived. 

By accessing your Eternal Soul you enter into at once into timelessness, and are able to work with any incarnation in the wheel of time while remembering your Soul Presence and bringing it through to assist your process of healing.

Moving directly into the experiences your soul has lived you will be deeply held by the omnipotent Love of the Great Mother while you travel through the spiral of evolutionary healing to resolve the traumas & release the programs that have made you believe your are separate from the Her. 

We will be focusing on the most important incarnations for you to access at this time to heal so you can harness the magnitude of your spiritual power and bring it through for your service in the planetary healing of life today. 


By becoming the Divine Mother for ourselves,

we become the Divine Mother for the world.

The Essence of
Divine Initiation

The most powerful form of initiation activates and draws forward your unique soul template.


Your divine template is comprised of the particular frequencies and divine gifts of your soul, as the keys of what hidden knowledge, energies, and aspects of awakening you are here to transmit and bring forward for the sake of all of life.

It contains your specific emanation of Great Mother Love, and the gateways that you must open and walk through to fully realize Her within you. It contains the blueprint of the soul challenges that are your personal initiations into your power through lifetimes, that are meant to bring your specific, divinely designed transmission of Love into full flower within you. 


The full power and magnitude of this template for most, lies dormant until their soul embarks upon the path of the true spiritual initiate.  Through healing and opening inner gateways that have been closed, and awakening dormant capacities, the power of our template becomes more and more clear and alive in every aspect of our being.

We will move through initiations throughout our journey that will be powered by the force of the Great Mother to activate the unique divine template of your soul for full realization of Her.


Gentle Healing: Charles Frizzell

What makes this pathway unique?

If you have worked with me before, you know that my transmission and the field of the Womb of Life are extremely powerful and effective. This capacity stems directly from the healing of my past lives, and the reclamation of power and wisdom I have cultivated through eons of incarnations as a spiritual initiate, a mystic, and a healer.


This is a very unique orientation of this field.
You will learn my tried- and- true pathways and methods of Great Mother Past Life Self-Healing and soul reclamation I have developed through many thousands of hours of soul healing work, while increasing exponentially your own healing capacities and your ability to transmit Great Mother Presence through your embodiment & service to life.

Taking you into the deepest of the deep… into healing the direct and raw experience of your soul’s most intimate journey through the aeons of incarnations, you will be held in a profoundly potent field of Great Mother Love while learning the skills for multi-dimensional self healing.   Opening your soul’s gateways to re-member your innate healing Presence and purpose for being alive during these times, you'll learn how to systematically clear the ancient wounds, programs, blocks and schizms that keep you from full realization and embodiment today.

If you are a guide, your own soul healing experiences will help you understand and facilitate life-changing shifts and lasting realizations for those who come to receive guidance from you. During all of this, you will be embraced, inspired, and supported through the power of sisterhood. You will be held in the nourishing field of the Womb of Life while we co- midwife you into awakened Great Mother Love, universal understanding, and rooted soul purpose.


What will I have upon completion of my journey?

As with any new learning, your measure of success depends on
your consistent application and practice of what you learn.

If you engage fully in the journey, you will have ineffably massive life- changing breakthroughs
as well as specific skills in your capacities to continuously self- heal at the soul level
and effectively move through the ever-evolving spiral of Great Mother Realization for years to come.

 Self-Healing Skills you'll Learn:

How to work with...
*The Womb of Life
the distinct levels of your soul.

*7 key components to multidimensional karmic healing.

​*The phases of the spiral of Great Mother Evolutionary realization.

*The most effective self- inquiry to get to the core imprint of a wound. 

*Taking a soul- stand to the patriarchal destructive forces while effectively removing their influence from your field.

*The most powerful methods to protect yourself on every level of your being.

*Clearing & energetic reparation of blocks, tears, schisms in your energy field.

*Removing debilitating implants, entities, & programming from your energy field.

*Releasing black and white magic entities and the effects of spells, curses, etc. on your life and body-field.

*Clearing the multidimensional effects of sexual violation.

*Releasing existential guilt and shame and restore the true innocence of your soul.

*Releasing past life trauma from your DNA

*Reclaiming shattered aspects of your soul, and integrating them into your life today.

*Soul to soul communication ... the gateway to universal understanding and Gnosis.

Inner Capacities you'll Develop:

*Ever- increasing levels of sovereignty, soul power, and healing presence.

*Alchemizing painful emotions, such as fear, anger, rage, grief and remorse into rooted soul presence.

*Transforming sorrow and devastation from opening your inner veils into effective action.

*Cultivating the energetic stamina it takes to fully and effectively release imprints at multidimensional levels.

*Creating strong boundaries while opening to empathic, alchemical love.

*Staying seated behind the veils while in action in life.

*Resting in the Eternal while accessing the wheel of eons of time. 

*Cultivating soul presence to bring you through the most challenging and painful experiences.

*Holding yourself and others in a field of Great Mother love while in the throes of soul healing.

*Cultivating naked perception: developing your inner seeing, hearing, knowing, and feeling the full spectrum of energies in people and phenomenon.

*Deep Soul listening as a gateway to the Great Mother.

*Resting in being carried by the Great Mother through your evolution while landing in deep trust of Self, soul, & the universe.

*Awakening your unique soul blueprint... the gifts you are meant to carry forward in this life.

Past Life Self healing Skills Mentoring


This innovative Love & Gnosis self healing immersion
is created to midwife you into your feminine spiritual gnosis and divine destiny
as a vessel of the Great Mother’s Healing Love.

From participating in life-changing past- life healing journeys and Great Mother initiations,
to being gestated & re- birthed in a living matrix community of powerful women;
this journey is about living from your ancient soul’s true knowledge
and igniting your most profound healing presence.

“My womb, heart, body temple and soul have always been hungry for the Great Mother....I had the privilege to journey with some amazing women mentors and I am most grateful to them. When “meeting” Maleda, I knew there would be a significant shift in my life for my divine feminine soul to incarnate as fully as possible into my whole being, to come back and in and around my sacred body temple and to honor her. Love & Gnosis has been a profound remembering into sacredness, wholeness, holiness through deeply healing my soul again and again, to be rooted in my womb and in Gaia's Womb of Life in the deepest and most beautiful way. 
It has been a life- changing journey ,continuing to unfold more and more, deeper and deeper...

Thank you, Maleda, from the depth of who I am for accompanying me, for guiding me even closer to Her, Our Mother.
I deeply, deeply bow ….beyond what can expressed in words...” -AnuMa 🌹