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​About Maleda... 
Feminine Mystic,
Healer's Mentor,  Spiritual Guide



All of the fruit from my years of intense spiritual practice, all of the meditation, yoga, energy work, initiations from powerful masters, intentions, renunciations do not hold a candle to what happened when the consciousness of my womb awakened.


All seeking ceased.  I fully landed in Self.
My perspective shifted from the small "me"

to being the all encompassing Great Mother Presence of life,
of Mother Nature Herself.

I found a gateway to the cosmos thru my own womb,

a gateway to the primordial Night in which I rest

in the Immensity of Her Love

and at the same time know myself

as One with Her Omnipresent Love in all of existence.


What astounds me most is how vital, how essential womb consciousness is to awakening women, and how little this is taught or honored in the spiritual traditions that are proliferating today.

This is our deepest feminine power, our effortless landing in Truth, and the greatest offering I have in life.  
- Maleda, 2013


Here's a bit of my personal story...

Dear sister- soul, there is so much I could say about my 20+ years and many lifetimes in the field of healing and awakening, but what I really wish for you to know is that my offerings stem from a deep and powerful Love and devoted commitment to Mother Earth.   My personal gnosis- realizations are fueled by and immersed in 24/7 planetary healing work traversing the innermost elemental realms of life on this planet. while my own inner process is deep, continuous, and ever-evolving in each moment. 


For many years now I have dedicated my life-breath entirely and utterly to Her healing of all of life in these crucial transition times...  

I came to my spiritual path as many women have... through needing to heal hidden pain...


After receiving a degree in Environmental Studies and Ecological design at a Buddhist university, I knew that my life was dedicated to the healing of Mother Earth, yet I hadn't quite found the avenue that was my unique dharma.  Somehow I knew I had to heal from my innermost hidden pain before that would be completely revealed.  I sensed the many layers of buried feminine wounds which I had only acknowledged the surface of, held some secret existential key... and it was raw, deeply intimate and sacred. And it felt so huge that it would somehow open the gates to the healing of our beloved Mother Earth and Her magnificent body of life. 


So I began a dedicated path of feminine awakening and trained intensively in Women's Yoga, Indian Temple Dance and Women’s Wisdom by renowned instructor Sofia Diaz, and then in meditation, energy work, and spiritual discipline in a monastic ashram.  My initial spiritual training was steeped in over 15 years of deeply lived practice and teaching the core wisdom of Yoga, the Vedic traditions and Western Esoteric mysteries.


In 2012, I had an inner revolution that changed my life forever...


 I left the teacher, monastic tradition and positions of leadership I had been in for 10 years and embarked to live what was a true and authentic path with Mother Earth as the only guide for my soul.  It was a movement of radical Self-Love and the recognition of the unending oceans of compassion we are literally bathed in in each moment.  


It was only then... when I finally surrendered into being guided by the immensity of my Love for the feminine and Mother Nature that my true spiritual initiations began.  It was only then that the Great Mother began to steadily reveal to me how to truly awaken to Her living omnipresence  through the staggering ineffable beauty of Her Nature  ... and how intricately that was connected to my own healing as a feminine being.


Now in a deeply lived relationship with my soul's unique journey of Great Mother Realization,  my offerings are grounded in a profound love for Her life and heartfelt communion, and the direct pathway of healing & awakening with Mother Earth.  Everything I offer is guided each moment by the Universal body of alive love we call the Great Mother, and has everything to do with enjoining our feminine body and lives with Hers in these times of Her existential planetary metamorphosis.



Please enjoy this raw, uncensored interview,
if you feel a resonance and would like to hear more details about my journey of awakening...

Turning your Leadership Over to Gaia:

the Existential Fulfillment of Surrender to the Great Mother

Summit with Elmear Stassin..

Click here and find a self-study course to dive into the deep 

of Mother Earth's planetary metapmorphosis

A special note for sincere practitioners in these convoluted times...

It is not hard to see the modern spiritual world has become a quagmire of partial truths and bypassing, oftentimes in ways that are difficult to decipher until we develop a keen sense of energetic discernment. The process of colonization inherently includes co-opting, diminishment, and diversion of the deep feminine metaphysical experience as well as Mother Earth's organic body of life.  The result is what we are seeing proliferate today... ancient initiate pathways that are meant to be deeply lived and discovered gradually over the course of a lifetime, are often misrepresented with premature, contrived results that offer 'easy ways out' and an instant spiritualized identity.  Yet in these fast food spiritual formulas, most of the time the deep cultivation of self-reflection, integrity, and commitment to discovering the full spectrum of metaphysical Truth (mostly the deeply uncomfortable aspects) are what fall by the wayside.

My sincere commitment as a guide in during this time of humanity's 11th hour, is to help part the veils and bring froward the uncomfortable truths that need to be revealed for the sake of the soul of life.  This is always held in the context of the current planetary process we are in...  and the omnipotent Grace- filled transmission of the alchemical Love of the Mother to help dissolve all the synthetic programmings that keep us spiritually, energetically, and even primally debilitated and living separate from Her.  I do not sugarcoat what needs to be named clearly... so this field is alive with a depth of raw, uncensored integrity that is a medicine much needed in this world.  I will also never teach any method that has not been tried, true, and teased out tirelessy in my own experience and borne the consistent fruit of healing & feminine soul awakening while guiding others. 


And with that in my heart I always invite you to never simply 'believe' anything I am conveying... but to turn inwards with inquiry and presence what is living inside of you. From there, with practice, dedication, and sincere willingness to consistently free yourself from pre-conceptions, the veils begin to part, and the truth is inevitably revealed.


Simply put, on both a personal and collective scale, there is no easy way out of the mess we are in... and as the veils part there is much to see and acknowledge within ourselves and the human colonized world that we have not wanted to see until now.   And yet all of the Grace of the Mother's breath of life is freely available to us to make our path as clear and filled with the compassionate oceans of Her Love as possible.  Her universal gifts of unfathomable beauty, magic, and soul empowerment are inherent in engaging in your process with grounded, committed practice and a willingness to change.

It would be my deepest honor to serve as a guide for you through this part of your soul's journey.  May your path of. awakening to the Mother's healing Love be deep, ever-present and fulfilling beyond measure.


Warmest blessings on your journey Home,


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