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Womb of Life School Presents...

Awaken your inherent divine power through

Past Life Healing, Soul Re-membrance

and Womb of Life realization


The Path of the
Great Mother Initiate

with Maleda

Feminine Mystic

Ignite your

Healing Power *  Gnosis

 Divine Mother Presence

The unique path of Great Mother healing & initiation…

Great Mother Initiation and the reclaiming our past lives is not just about healing and re-membering what we lived before, although that is powerful in and of itself.  It is about bringing forward all that we have been… all of the power, the presence, the divine gifts and the inner gateways we have opened in previous incarnations in which we have been great healers, mystics, medicine women & advanced initiates into the now moment, and with those ancient gateways reopened, bringing through the new evolutionary knowledge for humanity at this time… knowledge that goes beyond time, beyond dimensions, and brings the past into the present and the future into this now moment.  All at once we become everything that ever has been and everything that ever will be.  And in so doing, we become the living vessel through which humanity’s evolution is birthed, through our wombs through our hearts, we birth that which we are becoming.  Now and for all time..

The path of the Great Mother Initiate is the heroine's journey... a courageous passageway of feminine souls who travel into the unseen and unknown realms of the womb of life, the soul of existence and the secrets of the universe.  Opening her inner gateways to the full realization of the Mother of all... all that lives within Her and within all of life,  she becomes a bridge between the worlds, a birther of the deep power of feminine consciousness, a lover of souls, and devotee of life itself.  Becoming a living gateway to the Eternal, she lands at home in the immense ground of her feminine being and is nourished and at  One with Gaia's planetary body.   By becoming Herself, She becomes all of life.






Welcome to the innovative Feminine Mystic Soul Guide training, created to midwife you into becoming the powerful spiritual guide you always knew you were meant to be.  This is much more than an online training, it is an epic journey into the deepest part of yourself that will ignite lifetimes of untapped knowledge and feminine mastery that lives within you.  Whether you are already a guide, or are yearning to become one, expect to be awestruck, and ignited in the fire of awakening to the immensity of the feminine healing presence you were born to embody.


From participating in life-changing classes and practices, to being gestated & re-birthed in a living matrix community of powerful women; this journey is about living from your soul’s true knowledge while serving the world with your most profound feminine spiritual power.



What makes this training unique?


The unique power of this Great Mother Womb of Life field, lies in the transmission of Great Mother consciousness and soul realization.  It is one thing to describe a path, it is another to live and be able to transmit a level of consciousness that holds souls and the human being in a deep and everpresent potent field of compassion and alchemical womb love while they are learning to open to that capacity in themselves.


And so that is the gift I offer to you through my transmission... is to feel Her palpably inside of you, to ring the tone of Her love for your soul to feel held in the deepest and most profound way through the deepest levels of healing and awakening.  In the process, your internal gateways are opened, your soul healing capacities developed, your consciousness awakened, and you are catapulted into another way of living within yourself and all of life.


During all of this, you will be embraced, inspired, and supported through the power of sisterhood.  You will be held in the nourishing field of Womb Matrix Healing, and my team and I will take you by the hand and co- midwife you into experiencing life as a guide from newly awakened possibilities and purpose.




What will I have upon completion of the journey?

As with any new learning, your measure of success depends on your consistent application and practice of what you learn.  
If you engage fully in the course, you are sure to have massive internal breakthroughs, as well as new and/or increased mystical soul healing capacities, highly effective guidance skills, and specific life-changing journeys to guide students and clients through.  You will have everything you need to continue to evolve into becoming the Mystic Soul Guide you were born to be.


Here's What You Will Learn:




Using yin-power based energy, language, and practices,
you will learn how to guide women into:


Grounded emotional, mental, and spiritual presence through a healthy movement of emotional and mental energies while being landed in soul presence;


Landing in the seat of their souls through awakening to their eternal soul presence in their wombs;


Consistently receive energetic nourishment and replenishment… from their own wombs and the womb of Gaia;


Access comfort, rootedness, and a sense of safety... from within themselves and the Womb of Gaia on a regular basis;


Experience gnosis… regularly receive universal knowledge and guidance directly from their Eternal Soul Presence;


Direct experience of the potent healing energies of the Cosmic Divine Mother and the Primordial Womb of Life;


Developing profound trust… in their deepest guidance system, the natural healing capacities of their own soul, and their soul’s unique path to awakening;


Awakening to a deeply heartfelt connection with all that is… by experiencing the Omni-present energy of the natural world as the Divine Feminine presence of life itself.



Specific Practices you will learn:


Continuous evolutionary soul healing with the 3 realms of the Womb of Life:

  •      the Womb of Gaia, planetary consciousness & your earth-body templates

  •      the Oceanic Womb of Life, Divine Mother Compassion & your Luminous or Relative Soul

  •      the Primordial Womb of the Cosmic Mother, The Soul of Life & your Eternal Soul Presence

Awakening to Great Mother Cosmic Consciousness & Felt Omnipresence … 


Gnosis:  Opening to universal knowledge through your own healing process.

The Feeling Presence practice… establishing soul presence while opening to and moving through the energies of your feeling world;


Clearing Entities, Implants, programming, & chips … the state of being which invokes an opening to gnosis;

Potent inquiry… questions which invoke an opening to their soul’s inherent knowledge;


Soul reclamation … gathering in the shattered aspects of Self & reclaiming your gifts & reopening latent capacities


Havesting Evolutionary learning....  connecting the dots in your consciousness to understand the deepest secrets of life and how the human soul evolves through time.


Your Internal Healer’s Capacities that we will cultivate:

  • Deep energetic listening, inner vision, hearing, knowing, and sensing

  • Shifting from guiding practices and visualizations to guiding the raw mystical experience of soul journeying

  • Ever-unfolding direct experience of universal Evolutionary Feminine Consciousness (Gnosis)

  • Guiding from soul-to-soul communication; listening for and bringing forth the knowledge of your client's soul

  • Profound connection to the Great Mother, the Womb of Life, and your own Eternal Soul Presence.

  • Creating a powerful Womb- field so your clients feel safe, held, nourished, and nurtured when working with you.

  • Compassionate Presence as a potent alchemical healing balm

  • Cultivating sovereignity and healthy relationships with your clients while holding a powerful field

How do I know if this training is for me?



I always feel the best litmus test is... does it resonate with you deep in your belly... do you feel butterflies, soul-stirs, or heart blasts when you feel into the possibility for yourself?   If so, than I would say it is most likely for you.

This training is for sisters who are ready to develop their inner Mystic Guide capacities through training in facilitating feminine soul awakening through Womb of Life soul journeys.  The practices and methods you will learn can be woven into your chosen service to life, and would bring the work of yoga teachers, healers, holistic practitioners, public speakers, and all types of feminine guides to unprecedented levels of power and impact.  
Those who are just beginning your journey as a feminine guide will develop a powerful foundation
to evolve your work from. 


There are two prerequisites to ensure you get the most out of your training:

* Your own inner experience in meditation and feminine awakening, with Womb Matrix Healing or other pathways.
*The Become a Bridge Between the Worlds 33-day intro training, which is a powerful transmission into the Womb of Life, and provides the foundation of the teachings and journeys we will move through together.
This intro training will be included as a bonus when you register, and.  
 will coincide beautifully with the first month of the journey, so that overlap is fine.


*if you have any questions about whether this training is for you, or how it would serve your chosen service to life,
please feel free to contact Maleda at







How will our journey flow?


First of all, we are going to enjoy deep connection, co-evolution and inspiration through a powerful sisterhood community.  


We will learn together through potent tele-classes, training videos, and experiential practice labs.


We will grow in intimacy & support, and stay connected over the phone, emails, and facebook.  


You will also have the opportunity to develop deep connection with a study sister, who will practice with you throughout your journey.


Training begins inMay for both tiers

Tier I, Foundational Level: 





  • 12 in-depth learning module calls 90 minutes 
    Covering the yin-power based principles of guiding life-changing soul awakening and meditative womb journeys.


  • 12 Living Matrix Community Q & A calls. 30 minutes, given after each learning module
    Your questions will be answered, and we will engage in deep sharing where we will learn and co-evolve together.  This will be an opportunity to receive personalized guidance from Maleda and inspiration as well as insight from other sisters in the training.


  • 6 training videos  
    Enhanced training in guidance, energy work, breathwork, and embodiment practices.


  • 3 Saturday group practice lab sessions.  3 hours long (optional)
    We will split up in small groups to practice together and receive and give feedback from other sisters as well as Maleda and her apprentices.


  • A study sister (optional) 
    Your study buddy to walk through the training journey with, to practice guiding with each other and support each other through the journey.



  • Homestudy assignments
    Specifically designed to keep the momentum of your training happening in your everyday life.  These assignments will range from practicing by yourself and with your study sister, to voice expression, mystic consciousness, yin embodiment and energy work practices.


  • MP3 of all Calls available for you to download.

  • PDFs of all Learning Modules available to download.

  • Access to all Mystic Soul Guide trianing materials
    There will be reading materials and/or class notes offered throughout the journey.


  • Mystic Soul Guide private Facebook community forum:  
    A place where you can interact with other sisters in the training, ask questions, get feedback, and receive support.  I will be regularly posting and interacting with you there.


  • At the completion of your journey, you will be invited to join our Womb of Life Dharma sisterhood, where you can be part of an ongoing supportive community of trained feminine guides committed to birthing the healing power of the Great Mother through their chosen service to life.


***There will be a three week break from the course from the end of July through beginning of August… enjoy your summer vacations!


Tier I Privileges: 

Your Investment for Tier I

Sister, if you are deeply considering this unique & powerful course, I warmly invite you to follow that inner call, register today, and have immediate access to the Become a Bridge Between the Worlds bonus intro training journey to prepare for our time together.  
Space is limited to 22 sisters for this Tier.

Your investment

in your life's work and your evolutionary journey at full price would normally be: $3300 


Your early-bird investment for this course (until April 20),
with the bonuses (see below), is:




















*Credit cards are accepted through Paypal, you can also take advantage of the full price best value and arrange your payments through Paypal Credit.



Partial scholarships are available for Tier I, with priority given to sisters from countries where the dollar exchange is low.  Contact us for more info.

Your Mystic Soul Guide

 6 month payment plan:

$377/ month

Your Mystic Soul Guide training paid in full:


Your Agreement:

I understand that this field calls in committed practitioners who are ready to go the distance to birth their life's work.  I agree that this is a 6-month non-cancelable commitment to a small group training.  After the course begins, there will be no refunds or cancellations and I am legally and financially responsible for the full tuition and payments of the program. If there is an emergency, I will be given a credit for future courses. If for any reason, Maleda and Womb Matrix Healing are not able to produce the deliverables specified, I will be given a pro-rated refund.

If you have any questions, or need help registering, please contact us at:

Tier II, Initiate Level
Custom Deep Mentoring


Embodying the Transmission of
Great Mother Consciousness

(additional 3 months of training)

This Initiate tier is for the woman who is ready to take a spiritual deep-dive into her path as a Feminine Mystic Soul Guide, who is ready to invest in and prioritize her Soul’s design, and from that place be catapulted into a new frontier in her ability to make a life-changing impact through her offerings.


We will take an additional three months to work intimately with me and a small group of 9 women to complete your training with visioning and creation of a new, impactful offering through your life’s work.  You will also receive personalized mentoring from me and high-powered custom initiations for you to open to the fullness of your Soul Design as a Mystic Guide.  We will highlight additional training in becoming a powerful spiritual transmitter of the healing womb energies of the Great Mother.

This tier features one-on-one guide mentoring and Initiation time with me, a Deep Visioning & Program Creation Retreat and additional training with transmission skill modules.

Additional Healer's Capacities that You Will Develop:


  • Spiritual Transmission (yes, there is specific skill in this!):

    • Being a living conduit for the Grace of the Divine Mother: transmitting a potent field of womb presence, power, and love

    • Finding the voice & shakti of your soul

    • Creating energetic grids that hold a powerful field for your offerings from design through delivery.

    • Foundational skills of energetic transmission:  How to use the various flavors of vibration in transmission, their purposes and frequencies.


  • Guiding potent spontaneous meditations:
    Meeting your client wherever they are in a given moment and guiding them where they need to be to open to soul communion.


  • Visioning and designing life-changing offerings: we will get practical, you will have my support to design at least one program or offering from your soul’s deepest vision and highest design.



In addition to enjoying the 6-month Foundational Tier privileges, you will receive an additional three months of training:


  • Beginning Soul Initiation Private 1/2 day Immersion -- Your nine month journey begins with a Private Immersion where we have an opportunity to focus on your personalized training of becoming a Mystic Soul Guide with my attention on you 100%.  We will dive in deep & discover your unique soul design based on your evolutionary gifts and needs and how you focus the training to bring that forth.  

    This beginning ½ day immersion will include a Soul Initiation specifically tailored for you and transmission of womb consciousness for you to embody and transmit in your life and/or work.  

    *This time may or may not include a healing session.  
    (both ½ days can be offered via SKYPE, telephone or in person in California… your choice).


  • A Five Day Midwife Your Soul Offering deep visioning and divine program creation training retreat.

In the powerful feminine vortex energy of Mt. Shasta, California, we will spend 5 full days immersed in deep inner listening and communion, while soul visioning, designing and creating new divinely-inspired templates for your offerings.  You will leave this retreat with at least one (group or one-on-one) program template developed to act on immediately.

*Tuition does not include price of lodging

  • Personal Review and mentoring of your Womb-journey guidance: You will have the opportunity to send me recordings of you guiding the Womb Journeys we will learn, and receive my specific suggestions and mentoring in writing via email.  This will be invaluable feedback that will serve you throughout your career as a guide, and focus on your ability to transmit from yin-based power, and guide life-changing inner journeys.

  • Completion Soul Initiation private 1/2 day Workshop; Your 9 month journey will complete with a second ½ day Workshop and Initiation with me, where we will review your training, and focus on what has unfolded for you.  I will take time to hear your visions that have come, and we will co- midwife what would be the optimal orientation and unique overall focus for your offerings from here forward, and strategies on how to begin applying what we discover immediately in your work.

    This completion ½ day workshop will include a Soul initiation specifically tailored for you and transmission of Great Mother consciousness to embody and move forward into your life and/or work.

  • Additional Training Modules: In our final three months with our small group of Initiates.

  • Additional Saturday group practice lab sessions:  In our final three months with our small group of Initiates. 

    ***There will be a three week break from the course from the end of July through beginning of August… enjoy your summer vacations!

 Initiate Tier Privileges:

Your Investment

Your investment for the 2017 Mystic Soul Guide Training
 Custom Deep Immersion Initiate Tier would normally be:


$6600, but...


i) Your Paid-in-Full early bird for this course, with the bonuses (see below), is:






ii) Your Payment Plan early bird investment, with the bonuses, is: 


$611/month for nine months: total of $5,500


*Credit cards are accepted through Paypal. Checks and Bank Transfers are also welcome.


*If you are seriously considering the Initiate Tier of this unique & powerful training, I encourage you to sign up today for an interview to ensure your participation (there are only a couple of spaces left for this Tier).  You will have immediate access to the Becoming a Bridge Between the Worlds bonus meditation & transmission journey to prepare for our course.  
Space is limited to 9 women for the Initiate Tier.  


Please fill out the Initial Application form by clicking on the button below
 to schedule a 30-minute interview with me.

I can hear more details of your experience and intentions, and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


Your Agreement:

I understand that this field calls in committed practitioners who are ready to go the distance to birth their life's work.  I agree this is a 9-month non-cancelable commitment to a seat in a small group training.  After the course begins, there will be no refunds or cancellations and I am legally and financially responsible for the full tuition and payments of the program. If there is an emergency, I understand I will be given a credit for future courses. If for any reason, Maleda and Womb Matrix Healing are not able to produce the deliverables specified, I will be given a pro-rated refund.

If you have any questions, or need help registering, please contact us at:

Register for either Tier & you receive these beautiful bonuses! 
















Bonus #1

VIP entry:

20% savings and priority registration at Maleda’s Womb Matrix Healing workshops and selected retreats. (when available).  

Bonus #2

VIP pricing:

20% savings on Womb Matrix Healing sessions with Maleda during the six months of the course offering.

*Your Womb Matrix Healing exclusive benefits begin immediately.

Receive immediate access to the prerequisite introductory training:



Bonus #3

online intro training consisting of 33 days of evolutionary activations for healers, designed for you to bring awakening to the Womb of Life into your everyday life experience.  

*Your Womb Matrix Healing exclusive benefits begin immediately.


When are the live calls?

the first and third Wednesdays of every month, noon PT.

What if I can't make the live calls?

You are most welcome to participate anyway, by listening to the recorded calls, taking part in the labs, and be supported by the community forum.

Do I have to participate in the group sharings and practices?

Although group practice and feedback can be extremely beneficial, I understand that those of you who have plenty of experience guiding may not need that part of the training.  You are welcome to take this training independently and practice on your own, weaving what you learn into your current offerings.

Is this a certification course?

This is not currently a certification course, however if it evolves into one in the future, you will have the opportunity to apply for certification, and fulfill any additional requirements with this course as your foundation.

What if I am not a professional practitioner?

You are most welcome to take this training, as long as your prerequisites are fulfilled (see above)

Is this work applicable to men or transgendered people?

This particular training is focused on guiding women to awaken to the inherent spiritual power in their wombs (uterus). This on it's own is a vast field of study, and I highly recommend you explore and land in that fully within yourself before adding in working with men or transgender people, who have distinct needs and unique orientations.  I will touch on this during the training, however, at this time it will mostly need to be your own exploration as the field develops inside of you. When you fully awaken to the primordial Womb of Life through your own womb, you will continuously be shown how to attend to the unique needs of your clients, whether they are women or men, or transgender.

How much time will it take me a week?

As with any new learning, the more you apply yourself, the more you will get out of it.  I would plan approximately an hour a day for your own inner journeying and practice guiding.


If you have any other questions or concerns about participating, please feel free to contact me at:

What are other women saying about this field:

"I am in my 13th year of doing business as Megan McGeowin, Mystic & Mentor.  Through Womb Matrix Healing, I have accepted the invitation and opened myself to receiving a long awaited gift of being my authentic self as an expression of Divine Feminine Energy.  In being my Divine Feminine Self, I am experiencing in my life what has always been there for me. I am feeling nourished, nurtured, unconditionally loved and supported. I am experiencing myself as one with the consciousness of Mother Earth and the Cosmos itself. "
 ~Megan Mcgeowin,  Mystic & Mentor, Seattle, Wa




" The 1st time I heard Maleda talk about her work on a call, I knew she was connected. I didn't know to what, but it was a palpable feeling that I had to follow. After an initial series, I realized I found a gem of a wise woman. She patiently took me through my womb matrix and illuminated spaces within I simply could not access without a powerful guide. Through her, I was able to navigate and access confusing and scary terrain within, and come out with much more power, respect, and trust in this great matrix. I trust her. I know she knows timeless truths that have helped me have greater faith and trust in my own body - my own knowing and in this great source of life that always provides."
~ Katrina B.  New York, NY



"Maleda was the gate keeper, opening the doors for me to step into the Immensity of my being. She taught me how to be fully present with in myself and with that comes incredible strength, grace, and unlimited possibility.  I have experienced intense changes in all aspects of my life including, a stronger more peaceful relationship with my children, the removal of toxic relationships, healthier personal habits, a promotion which allows me more personal time and increased cash flow, and most importantly, a truly loving relationship with myself.  The best piece of working with Maleda, is that now I am ready and able to serve and inspire other women who are searching for their own feminine awakening."

~ KT Lapp, West Chester, Pa




Who is Maleda?

Maleda is a gifted Evolutionary Feminine Healer, Mystic, spiritual guide and the founder of the potent field of Womb Matrix Healing.  She has practiced and taught in the field of healing, transformation and feminine awakening for over 15 years, including 5 years of intensive training in women's yoga and Indian Temple Dance and 10 years as a nun and lead teacher in an ashram.  Her intense spiritual practice and comittment to Truth transmit a passionate devotion to life and the human soul, the beauty of Spirit, and the deep feminine power in all of creation.


In 2012 during an extended deep retreat, she experienced an awakening through the Cosmic Feminine Consciousness in her womb and was shown the processes that have become the evolutionary work of Womb Matrix Healing today.


A healer for healers and pioneer of consciousness, Maleda founded Breath of Life Yoga in 2006, the Awakening Woman Initiative of Crestone in 2008 and Womb Matrix Healing in 2013. She is a midwife of the soul who travels internationally, guiding women through the fire of healing into their soul destiny through awakening to the spiritual power in their wombs.  She offers deep feminine healing retreats, teacher & practitioner trainings, and private Womb Matrix Healing Sessions on location and by phone.


"The Divine Feminine nature of existence is literally pushing through all of us to awaken to what we were designed to be and born to do.  All of life needs you in this crucial moment. 

I hope you will join us..."  - Maleda

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