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Great Mother raw truth videos

 Oceana Planetary Healing
 of existential lack, struggle, & survival with Great Mother Whale

Welcome, dear sister-soul....You're invited to join me by Her beauty-filled seaside to receive a heartfelt and raw truth transmission about Mother Earth's most current planetary healing processes.    For the lack & survival programmings have been the existential grip of colonization since the beginning, and are now gradually and grace-fully being dissolved from Mother Earth's planetary field with Her Oceana realms of elemental life.  As mystic feminine souls in love with Mother Earth's  soul of Nature, we are invited to receive the gifts of Great Mother Whale and Her Oceana Song of love to dissolve these programmings from our sacred bodies and heal ourselves Home to Her direct sustenance of harmonic elemental life.
There are two parts to this transmission...
Video I:  we explore the recent amplifications of the programmings of lack and struggle, and the dichotomy between these and the beauty-filled and planetary healing that is happening in Her atmospheres and Oceana landscapes.  
Video II:  we explore the existential grip of the lack & survival programmings & the role of Great Mother Whale's unstruck Song in existential nourishment and Soul Homecoming. 
As you partake, see if you can let your awareness rest under my words... and breathe, listen, and receive the beauty-filled vibrantly alive harmonies of  Oceana elemental Life that are coming through the waters, atmosphere, rocks in this sacred threshold landscape.  There is a comments section below if you'd like to share with me your inner experience and feelings around this vulnerable & important subject.


PT. I:  
Her Oceana Healing
of existential lack, struggle, & survival

Pt. II

Great Mother Whale's Clarion Song of Soul Homecoming & Harmonic Elemental Nourishment

If you wish to immerse deeper into practice, you're invited to partake of this Great Mother Whale planetary healing activation & workshop: click here to find out more, and join us in this sacred planetary movement.

Sweet sister-soul, if you feel to share.. we'd love to hear from you... how does this transmission move you?

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