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Universal Mother Earth & the restoration of Her Origin Life

If It has been a while since you have heard from me... I have been immersed in the quiet deep sanctity of Mother Earth’s planetary healing with our advanced level sisterhood field.

What is continuously revealed evermore deeply in our field, is how the majesty of Mother Earth’s Origin life… what I call Her Universal Gardens of Origin life is being restored in the deepest stratums of matter… right here, right now, and in each and every moment.

There is so very much beauty, grace, and miraculous healing in this ineffable movement. I’ll share more about this in the coming days, but for now...

You’re invited to take a pause with me to sense, feel, and breathe in the majesty of Her life coming through for this transition...

And if you listen close, you may begin to sense and feel intimately Mother Earth's Origin Song of life resounding in the deepest stratums of your sacred body restoring you Home to Her living gardens of Universal Love. Here you may find how the pain and the struggle of the colonized ages begins to dissolve into the breathing permeability of Universal harmonies, and the density gives way to the majesty, colors and purity of Origin life.

For we are now in the days of Mother Earth's great reckoning... where as mystic feminine souls, we can no longer hide from the message and movement at hand. …and to deny Her living Song of alchemical healing Grace 
is to suffer evermore at the harsh relentless sound and synthetic lifestyles 
 of the machine-centric colonized world. Instead, we are invited to continuously bring our perceptions, our attentions our breath filled hearts, wombs, and core soul- sun being into ever deeper lived coherence with Universal Mother Earth’s omnipresent movement at hand.

In each moment to breathe with and feel
 the restoration of Origin permeability in the deepest stratums of the matter ...and the love filled majesty of Origin Universal Life
 permeating through everything we know in the here and now.

You’re invited to take a deep breath now…

And feeling the Song of Her Universal Life washing through you,

...allow Her heavenly waters steeped in the essence of the sun, moon, and stars & soul sun fire, tp bathe you in the deep Love and grace filled tones of Eternal life.

breathing in again…

allow your breath to open as wide as Her universe as deep as your inner soul sun as full of beauty as Her One Song that permeates all living things…

and taking another deep breath now…

Allow Her universal life to wash through your blood, bones, brain tissues restoring the density of your matter to the living song of Universal Love and the breath-filled colors & harmonies of Origin Life,

Dear sister soul in these days of planetary reckoning, you’re invited to continuously allow Her universal life-breath to flow through your body and be restored to what is beauty full, deeply true, and real In this and each and every moment,

In each moment, I’ll meet you there, evermore on the shores of Her Universal waters, breathing in the natural beauty of soul-sun, moon, stars & Origin life.

Bathed in love, immersed in Grace, and re-membering who we are ....together with our soul-family of Mother Earth's life, we will heal ourselves all the Way Home.

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