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Healing the Root Causes of it All: Great Mother Planetary Transmission

Here in our Alaska sanctuary we are immersed in seas of snow... and as I write this, I can feel the deep breath of the bears quietly resting in their secret winter womb-caves all around these sacred lands.

This winter has been for me a time of deep silent retreat, as the intensity of personal and planetary healing work continues on with greater and more all-encompassing momentum. So there is an ineffable comfort in feeling the sleeping presence of the bears... in their utter surrender into the hibernation of the deep Mother’s internal life.

There has been so much coming through for the new level of teachings and transmission (I have pages upon pages written for new Great Mother self-healing workshops and intensives), and yet as always I am first and foremost committed to the silent planetary work the Mother continuously guides me is the priority in this moment.

… and the deep planetary work I am engaged now is preparing the Way for to move through our process with relative ease, grace and efficacy while being held in the omnipotent alchemical love of the Mother of Life.

And just like the bears, as we pass through this equinox gateway, in this time of Mother Earth’s Great Change, we are invited to re-member and restore ourselves to the goodness of Her life, and find rest, solace & healing in Her elemental Grace.


Attuning into Mother Earth’s planetary process:

Her Healing of the origin root causes of it All

For there is an intimate and intricate process going on, deep inside of Her Earth... of the resolution and dissolution of eons of trauma, misuse, and abuse from the process and destructive forces of colonization. It is a process steeped in Her Love for life and it is is gaining momentum in Her body of Nature as we speak. Simply put, She is on a trajectory towards healing the root causes of it all.

For the Great Mother is not only resolving all kinds of injustice… She is actively engaged in healing the origin root causes of injustice itself.
She is not only healing a particular kind of trauma or violation… She is compassionately, persistently, and at times ferociously resolving and removing the origin causes of brute violence and war from Her body of life.
She is not only healing Her beloved Body of Nature, She is healing the destructive forces of colonization and all it’s existential programmings from the inside out.

So as we pass through this unique planetary Equinox, we are invited to forgo any preconceived notions of what we’re supposed to be doing and experiencing... perhaps even the notion we need to ‘find yin/yang balance... lest we risk being led deeper into the production/colonization machine and further away from the healing trajectory of Mother Earth’s organic body of life. For, the raw truth is, that even our notions of 'balance' can be rooted in our patriarchal programming, and rarely leave room and space for the full exploration of the deep power of yin dissolution to find Her seat back in full aliveness within us.

Instead we are invited to radically rest into the Great Mother's planetary momentum of yin dissolution and enjoin with Her by doing what it takes to heal our feminine souls and bodies from the travesties inherent in patriarchal colonization. And as we do, She will gradually take us into Her ineffable healing realms of organic majesty, true aliveness, and deep elemental Grace.

For deep yin is not a passive, inert state… it is an active organic inner movement, soft grace-filled alive receptivity, that ultimately leads to a potent dissolution and composting of all the hardened structures that need to fall away… that will eventually... in Her organic planetary timing....allow for new growth. to gently and gracefully emerge, blossoming into new life on its own.

But let’s not jump to new growth so quickly and instead like the bears sleeping deep in their caves of snow, discover what there is that is so beautifully alive, necessary and life-giving about that deep yin movement of dissolution. After all, how do we know that although Great Mother bear looks externally like is sleeping, that she is not fully awake in her spiritual body? Maybe... just maybe... because she is resting physically, she can be fully active metaphysically, traversing the innermost realms of life, lovingly, yet ferociously fulfilling Her role as guardian and protectress of the innocent elemental deep… the deepest wilderness heart of Mother Earth.

In the same way, even as Spring begins in the Northern hemisphere, we are invited not to jump on the old colonization bandwagon of the need to produce ‘new’ creations…. long before the Mother’s organic process of metaphysical, energetic, and spiritual dissolution has re-gained it’s full seat and had a chance to restore some semblance of harmony in our wombs, feminine body-fields, and all of life on this planet.

Instead, we are invited to use all that new blossoming energy to attune to Great Mother Nature and enjoin with Her planetary movements towards self- healing and resolution, and in so doing realize Her Love for all of Life.


Self-Healing with the Great Mother:

What we gain from resolving the root cause

of our pain and discomfort

Because the Great Mother is the origin of life, she will always guide us into the root cause of any pain, discomfort, or distorted pattern we sincerely wish to heal. Her trajectory is towards resolving the cause, for She is the Original Soul Cause... the Womb of life itself. And so it is with our wombs… because, when they are spiritually and energetically healthy, they are in coherence with Her Womb of Life. So when we focus our spiritual attention and awareness, process and practice in our wombs, we begin gradually gain back all that has been lost… and find the origin cause of our lives and also the pain we have experienced through living.

The problem is, even and oftentimes in our path of awakening, we get to a certain place where pain begins to be revealed, and we think it’s best to stop there… to simply breathe through and presence it, or transcend it, or drop the story, etc….

This is where as mystic feminine souls, we tend to cease to follow Her lead and our path of healing and spiritual surrender to Her force of awakened Love falls short… very short of it’s full scope and possibility within us. For at the very root of that pain… which oftentimes goes generations, even lifetimes back and gets more deeply embedded in our cells by experiences in this lifetime... right at that origin root cause is a part of ourselves- of our precious body and souls that has been split off, and lies awaiting our tender and loving retrieval.

To be able to consciously and consistently do this for ourselves, is to learn how to love our shattered feminine self, soul and primal body back together... and in the process realize the magnitude of Her Love within us and all of life. Through being willing to feel the deepest pain of our soul trauma, and doing what it takes to gather Her in from where She has been shattered through the ages and incarnations we have lived, we become Her compassion -filled action in the inner realms of Mother Earth’s life. We enjoin ourselves with Her healing trajectory of the soul of life itself. We learn how to have ultimate compassion, deep healing grace,and unfathomably deep presence to both the human, animal, elemental, and Nature experience of life on this planet.

In and through this conscious process, we regain our instinct, our capacities for primal discernment and restore our healthy boundaries. We regain our original memory and the full scope of consciousness that brings us. And most of all, we restore ourselves Home to Her body of organic life, and the epicenter of Love that brings the soul of life forward for all of existence.

In this time of Her healing us Home, the Mother is doing the same at a planetary scale… moving through, resolving, and dissolving the origin causes of the pain and suffering Her body of life has endured through the eons of human colonization. It is a process of going inwards, of undoing it all. And drawing back unto Her magnificent body of planetary love all the shattered aspects of Her soul, elemental, and primal body of life. And She will not stop until the process is complete, and all living beings have been restored Home.

In this way, dear sister-soul, as difficult and painful as it sometimes is, we are so very blessed to live during these times, for if we allow ourselves to enjoin with Her movements, we become a part of Her Cause and momentum of healing it All.

For the Original Cause, the means, and the end result of the Mother of Life is always Love. And the fruit of devoted mystic souls to the healing of life is the remembrance of Her all-encompassing depth and breadth of Love itself.

In this Way, we are carried in Her Womb until the beginning, the end, and the means all merge into One river...

a river of healing Grace that falls us gratefully and gradually into Her,

immersing our souls and entire beings in the deep Oceans of Her omnipresent Love for all of existence.


The Mother of Life Says….

Can you hear me? Can you hear my song of Love? Can you relax into your womb, breathing in deeply with me, allowing the sweetness of my breath of life to be enough for you in this moment?

If you’re indoors, open your windows, Breathe in my sweet, fresh air And feel the aliveness of my love in the Nature all around you

You may feel my planetary breath of life perhaps more alive in this moment than any time before…

Take a deeper breath now, dear One, breathing from your womb with My depth and breadth of Love your heart of love with My planetary heart of life as My sweet breath moves through and around your cells,

Can you feel my harmonies of life as you gently lovingly resting open your cells into Mine?

As let your holy breath deepen into My planetary life My planetary Womb and breathe with My atmospheric Love-filled air. you’re invited to feel the omnipresent love of the trees, the rains, the forests to rest into My mountains be bathed in My waters allowing your womb, your cells, your soul your entire being to be cleansed from the inside out.

Breathe with Me deeply, fully, alively...

And then, sweet soul, as you allow your sacred body to dissolve into Mine let Me show you how to gracefully and gradually undo what must be undone so you can become My Love for all of life.

I’ll meet you there, in the tenderness of Her Love, in Her Womb of Life, in the Soul of Her planetary existence.

A very blessed Equinox threshold to you. May you and yours be healed Home with the Mother's Love for all of life.


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