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Our Mortality and Her Eternity: Mother Earth's Planetary Healing of the Death and Decay Process

There is no way around it…. death is a fundamentally metaphysical and spiritual occurrence. If there is any subject which is at the core of most religious and spiritual teachings, and at the crucible of what needs to be healed in our collective field during this era of worldwide crises, it is about our mortality and what occurs as we pass from our bodies into (what most traditions call) the Eternal. And if we wish to fully awaken to the Great Mother’s omnipresent spiritual body of organic life, we must naturally, inherently include a deeply dedicated healing of our relationship to death, as experienced through our sacred primal bodies and luminous souls.

To be sure, this life-giving healing is not something we can think our way into, and yet I felt called to offer this re-emerging feminine gnosis from my heart and the deep well of the Mother’s love that comes through this Womb of Life field. For the Great Mother is right now restoring this sacred threshold of what we call death with the processes of elemental dissolution at a planetary scale in this critical moment.

So as with all transmissions that come through here, dear soul, you are invited to take a deep breath and feel what I am conveying in your womb, your heart, your sacred body-field and see if any of it rings true or at least opens you into a realm of possibility-that the death process can and is designed to be so much more than we have experienced until now. Then, of course, as always, you are invited to go on your own inquiry and healing journey with your mystic soul and discover the majesty of all that is available in this sacred arena.


The restoration of our primal bodies to the Mother’s Eternal Heart of Life

What is coming through in this vital, ever-present gnosis-based inner exploration is the result of personal and planetary healing work that has spanned years and thousands of days and hours of my life and been supported by my healing work with other courageous mystic feminine souls on the path of the Great Mother Initiate.

There is this puzzle-piece that is finally clicking in. It is about the restoring of our primal bodies into the lived gnosis of the Mother’s Eternal Heart of life, and has everything to do with death and dying, and the transmutation of the decay-based processes we currently experience.

To begin to grasp the fullness of the beauty and majesty that awaits, we must of course as with all things Great Mother, begin in our wombs. For what has been vastly underestimated until now in our perception and restoring of the full scope the feminine body’s natural spiritual and metaphysical functioning is that our wombs are not only the realm of universal incarnation, but the realm of universal dissolution.

The Womb Realm of Incarnation

As we know, our wombs provide the domain of elemental gestation where soul enjoins with primal nature and forms the body-field of an incarnating newborn. This is the sacred domain of all women.

As feminine souls on the path of the Great Mother, we have the calling to travel inwardly, slow this process down and discover the metaphysical majesty of our primal design that fulfills of this sacred task. There we will discover how the process of gestating into human form is a co-creative movement between the soul, the primal body of the human mother, Mother Earth’s planetary sphere, and the elementals which shape the foundation of organic life.

The discovery goes even deeper by journeying through our own wombs into the Mother’s realms of universal creation. There we inevitably realize how the Great Mother’s universal womb of life is the realm where individual soul forms from a manna-like primeval substance whose fundamental energy is love. The soul forms there, then journeys from that “Home’ into the primal womb of a woman to incarnate into a human being. This movement has been known, seen, and worked with on the levels of healing and embodied spiritual realization by wise women since the beginning of time.

In a very real way, the incarnation of soul into form- not only into our human bodies but into our collective spiritual field of human consciousness- is reliant on the healthy physical and metaphysical functioning of the wombs of women.

Now dear soul, you’re invited to take a moment and imagine if this womb gateway was still fully open in women as it once was in ancient earth-based cultures- with energy flowing in from the Mother’s universal womb of life through all the levels and processes of every soul’s incarnation. The soul (of all sexes) would be steeped in Her Eternal substance through it’s gestation experience. Gnosis -direct realization and spiritual knowledge- of our bodies being consistently attuned and open to the Mother’s Eternal Womb of Life would flow through our daily embodiment. This would naturally lead us into a soul-informed, universally supported, conscious way of life and living. We would inevitably have matriarchal-based cultures that are centered around the love of soul, the caring for life, and the process of co-creation with the beauty, harmony, and love of the Eternal realms of the Great Mother.

Much of this forgotten knowledge of the spiritual power and function of our wombs is now gradually being revealed to mystical women as we begin to heal our feminine experience of colonization at a spiritual and energetic level.

The Ancient Ones Grandmothers and the Beauty of Organic Dissolution

What the Ancient Ones wise women knew is that the realm of the womb is the threshold between spirit, soul, and form. What many of us mystic women today have not yet realized is that the our wombs, when energetically healthy and restored open to their original divine design, provide a 'two way street’ … a realm where soul incarnates into matter, as well as where matter dissolves again into the spiritual realms of soul. And the bridge between both of these essential movements, is the beloved elementals- the basis of organic life that forms our bodies and all the natural world.

The Ancient Ones grandmothers worked deeply with this threshold, and provided the elemental and spiritual gnosis as a bridge to help souls peacefully pass from their bodies into the Eternal realms of the Great Mother’s universal heart-womb of life. They helped to guide the soul’s beloved primal bodies to lovingly release and let go into dissolution at an elemental level, becoming One once again with the planetary harmonies of Mother Earth. The unfathomable Grace of this movement is full of existential love, the beauty of life, and the Mother’s Eternal welcoming of Her elemental children Home.

What we call death then becomes a movement of the life-breath of the Mother, releasing the elementals from individual body-forms and simultaneously receiving them into Her Soul-based primeval Immensity.

So to awaken and reclaim the inherent beauty of organic primal dissolution in our own experience, the essential shift truly begins when we open ourselves to the aliveness of the elementals as conscious, aware, pure beings of love. They are the Great Mother’s beloved children of life, birthed from Her universal womb, who co-create all the natural world on this planet and beyond.

What needs to be healed, and how has the distortion happened?

So, dear sister-soul, if we are to restore ourselves into this majesty of life we are designed to be, we need to recognize how this function of organic dissolution, as with most metaphysical feminine faculties, has been vastly distorted on a global scale. This has occurred through the eons of persecution, subjugation, and sexual/spiritual trauma of colonization. During the experience of these traumas, for the vast majority of women, our soul leaves the body, dividing our conscious awareness from the intensity of pain our primal elemental body is experiencing. During this split, it is like we ‘leave our organic house empty’, and inter-dimensional patriarchal-based cellular programming simultaneously has the opportunity to move into and disrupt our wombs.

This colonization programming is engineered to fundamentally interrupt these deeply sacred and powerful Great Mother functions of our wombs… the life-giving threshold where the soul manifests into organic form and on the outbreath organically dissolves from primal form into the Eternal realms of soul.

The Transmutation of Our Primal Body's Inorganic Decay into Organic Dissolution

And this is where for the sake of all of life, we need to begin to see and feel the travesties of colonization at a more deeply energetic and metaphysical level than we ever have. For the interruption of these natural organic processes has created the synthetic-based cellular phenomenon of decay instead of dissolution that we now see and associate with the death of the primal body.

In a nutshell, there is a closed-loop DNA configuration programming - that essentially creates an unnatural cellular ‘gripping’, like a fist, in which the life-breath of the cells cannot fully move in the permeable way they were originally designed to. This gripping detains, distorts and synthetically contains the processes of what would naturally be healthy yang-based cellular life blossoming as well as thwarts the immense, ineffable life-giving beauty of healthy yin-based organic dissolution.

This programmed- in elemental distortion creates increasing over-activity on one hand, and increasing inertia on the other at a DNA level. This same distortion then has then been passed down to all sexes through their time of gestation in women’s wombs and amplified by generations on end of feminine trauma. Thus we have the coin flip of distorted yang synthetic light and distorted yin synthetic dark formations in our primal bodies and cellular consciousness. These distorted formations in turn form increasingly synthetic barriers that keep us from experiencing on a cellular level the fullness and richness of co-creation with Mother Nature and of being alive in an organic body as an eternal soul.

And so, during the death process what has happened through this cellular decay -based programming is the yin dissolution elementals are distorted to such an extent that they close in and collapse in on themselves into the dead-zones of inertia. Hence, the experience of the cells in the death process now looks and feels quite like the grim-reaper perception of death, unpalattable, and even toxic instead of the primal beauty of organic, alive dissolution they were originally designed to experience.

Here we find the how the extreme amount of suffering, loss and degeneration which comes in as dis-ease and inertia-based decay take hold, and the programmed in fear of death and dying at a primal and cellular level is created.

As mystic souls dedicated to the path of healing all of life, in experiencing the inevitable heartbreak that comes as we grok the magnitude of what has happened to us, we are invited to not fall into despair, and instead open to the possibility that this can and is in this very moment being healed at a planetary level.

For it is the deepest movement of the Great Mother of Life to reclaim and restore Her sacred elemental bodies (that means all of ours) to Her own. By opening to the current planetary movements of Her omnipresent universal body of love, we are now more than ever, able to heal ourselves Home to our original design.

So, dear soul, you’re invited to take a deep breath with me, and see if you can feel this sacred movement of the Mother’s cellular healing and restoration I describe here…

When we slow the process of dissolution down, and experience it, learn to work with it from a gnosis-based conscious soul healing level, we will inevitably discover that our cells respond to harmonic and compassionate love, even in amidst pain and discomfort. The elementals themselves respond to the alchemical resonance of the Mother’s deep love for their lives as we allow Her to breathe them Home through our bodies, with the inmost pranic breath of life itself. They organically, willingly, and with great relief release their programmed-in gripping that causes unnatural decay instead of oxygen-rich dissolution that is the out breath of primal body existence into formless eternal love.

For what we have unconsciously missed because of our colonized programming in the equation of death and dying is that new life awaits and welcomes even our primal bodies as this particular incarnation falls away. Our primal bodies respond to the Mother’s breath of love and the power of our soul consciousness in a way that helps them let go of the programming even and especially when they are passing. In turn, as they release, our Mother Earth, our Mother of Life in this incarnation opens Her in-breath of Immortal Love to receive Her beloved elemental children, that have formed our primal bodies fully Home in the process of Her beauty of organic dissolution.

In this movement of profound, eternal love for all of Her body of existence, the Mother’s heart-breath of life welcomes the elementals of our bodies Home unto Her Eternal, omnipresent planetary womb from which they are birthed and dissolved, moment by moment, breath by breath.

The Mother’s calling to heal….

As mystic feminine souls, deeply devoted to the Mother’s universal body of life, we are invited to take this task on now, and receive the immensely beauty-filled realization of our primal bodies dissolving- ‘dying’- into Her Eternal Love in each and every moment. And as we work with the Great Mother, continuing to heal our wombs and feminine bodies, we are simultaneously re-opening this natural threshold within us for the sake of the whole in these crucial times.

And in this time where so many are experiencing great loss, heartbreak, fear, and deep grief having to do with this very threshold of death and dying, we can offer our healing process up to the Mother for the healing of all of life.

We may inquire, deep within our hearts...

What greater gift is there in this moment when all seems to be falling away than to heal our innermost threshold to the Mother’s Eternal Heart, the soul of creation?
Where else, but in Her beloved organic body of life, can we find and re-discover the fullness of healing love we are made of and why we are incarnated here?

So, sweet soul, it is ever-more vital that we re-member our divine task as mystic feminine souls who wish to reclaim the fullness of beauty, majesty and universal Great Mother-love that we are borne to be. We are invited to see and know that despite surface level appearance in the human field- the healing of all of life on this earth-plane is upon us. And by healing our innermost experience of death and dying we enjoin with Her organic movements of planetary dissolution in these sacred times.

I’ll meet you there, again and again, in the sacred threshold between all that is falling away and Her Eternal Heart of life that is emerging, within and without.

Blessings be on your continued healing Home unto Her Love for all of creation.

With all of the love in my heart,


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