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Feminine Mystic

Midwife of the Soul
Mentor for Healers



  • Learn how to self-heal lifelong karmic feminine patterns

  • Transmute deep soul wounds into
    evolutionary breakthroughs

  • Clear feminine ancestral pain &
    awaken your sovereign soul destiny

  • Dive into the epicenter of awakened feminine consciousness

  • Open your internal gateways & enjoin with Mother Earth's planetary healing

  • Become the yin- based feminine healer you were born to be

Evolutionary Healing for
Awakening Women...

Awaken your soul's healing power:
"A woman's greatest spiritual awakening lies 
in the unseen  primordial realms.
How she gets there is through her own womb"


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Intro to Great Mother

Healing & Womb of Gaia healing breath practice

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We have come so far, and yet there is still so much to learn about the true power of feminine consciousness.  Through Great Mother Healing, go deeper than you ever have and access inner realms of primal beauty and belonging you have always yearned for.  


  • Womb consciousness is one of the most underestimated and undervalued aspect of women's embodied spirituality.

  • Physically, energetically, and spiritually, our wombs are literally the gateways through which human souls enter into life. That makes every woman's womb a bridge between the worlds: from spirit to matter, from the unseen to the seen realms, a portal into primordial beingness: the space before birth of pure soul presence and potential.

  • Through the process of healing the deep wounds that have imprinted in our womb and soul matrix, we step into the our full feminine gifts of healing, creative potency, embodied love, spiritual power and divine Presence. 

  • When we awaken in these inner cosmic depths, we experience our life journey & it's lessons effortlessly from a soul level perspective, timeless and present. 

  • Our capacities for evolutionary growth and karmic healing unfold exponentially, and our ability to be an effective bridge between the worlds ignites our deep yin-based healing power.

  • Primordial Womb Awakening is not simply a potent practice of healer's embodiment;  it is a pathway of deep and true landing in yourself as a feminine soul.  It is the heroin’s journey that takes you beyond all that you know now and catapults your life into a evolutionary realization of the Great Mother Presence in all of life.

  • Womb Awakening is one of the most vital and necessary evolutionary movements happening for dedicated women practitioners, healers and guides today.

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Finding Healing, Refuge, and Awakened Love in Her Era of Planetary Change

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